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We get it – no one wants to pay taxes.

If you’re navigating Canadian and U.S. tax laws though, you’ll want us on your team. At 49p, we take the cases that make other firms cringe. In fact, we love the tough ones! 


But really, it’s about you.


 What drives your cross-border tax planning?

Whether you’re stepping to the next rung on your career ladder, setting business targets, planning a family legacy, or making a lifestyle change – we’re with you all the way! 

We keep it simple…well, as simple as possible when solving cross-border tax issues. Our client relationships are built on collaboration – that means understanding your unique goals, translating complex requirements in plain language, and clearly presenting options.



USA / Canada tax strategies


Working across the border


Planning to give or receive an inheritance


Filing U.S. and Canadian personal tax returns


Planning your retirement


Moving to / from the USA


Assessing tax residency options


Ask us about…


 Giving and receiving inheritances

  • My daughter, who is a beneficiary of my family trust, recently moved to the US. Can the IRS tax the Canadian assets? 

  • I recently inherited assets from US-based family member. Do I have to pay taxes to the IRS and CRA? 

Moving to or from the US

  • I’m working in the US on a green card but I’m looking at retiring back in Canada. I have heard there is an exit tax…will that impact me? 

  • I am considering a job in the US. Will my tax bill(s) exceed my earnings increase? 

Playing on a US team

  • I’m a professional hockey player in Canada, recently traded to a US team. Should I file as a Canadian or American tax resident? 

Restructuring a business

  • I am a dual citizen who owns several Canadian businesses that I’m restructuring. How can I minimize the tax bite? 


US Tax Navigators


Christa Walkden, CPA (ND), MST, TEP, CPA, CA (OMG!)

Christa navigates the ever-evolving U.S. tax laws for American expatriates and Canadians with financial interests south of the border. She studied and worked at large accounting firms in both countries, giving her a unique perspective into how the tax environments interact. Christa is also a seasoned public speaker, often asked to translate complex tax regulations into clear and actionable advice. 

Christa lives in Winnipeg with her two active boys and Snickers (adorable morkie). Most of her personal time is spent cheering for her kids’ hockey and baseball teams but she makes time to run…and now box (ask her how that’s going). 


Mia Bent, BBM, CPA, CA

Mia’s background brings diverse expertise to clients’ U.S. tax needs. She previously led a regional U.S. Personal Tax Practice for a large accounting firm, where she counselled a wide range of cross-border clients including professional athletes, business owners, and retirees. Her favorite part of her work is getting to know clients and helping them navigate the tax implications of major life changes. She also held Controller and General Manager positions at thriving small businesses. 

Mia made Kelowna her hometown more than 10 years ago and, along with her husband and two daughters, enjoys all it has to offer. She loves skiing, mountain biking, paddle boarding, backpacking, and trail running (essentially, anything ending in ‘ing’ that she can do outside)…and good coffee.




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